5-6-20 | Matt Pierson Artworks | Skulls Skulls Skulls

Hello True Art Believers!!!

I never know how to start a blog, especially one that is basically an update on what I have been up to this week.  There is too much pressure to write a certain way.  I find myself compelled to structure sentences more rigid and less organic.  Anyways, here goes…

This week in Pierson-Land (I used to start all my blog posts like this, I always felt like it was the opening text to a comic book)….

Too silly? 


I recently completed a drawing of a skull.  This one will be ninth in the series and for a while, I was doing one every other night.  It came to be a bit overwhelming and as usual, I had to stop.  One of the things that I am pretty consistent about doing is documenting close to 80% of the process.  Usually, when I draw a skull I record it as a time-lapse but I wasn’t satisfied with the final result of my drawing.  So I decided to spend some extra time working on the drawing.  Instead of doing a time-lapse, I decided to do a live-stream video.

Overall I was happy that I took an extra hour to work on the piece and I am happy with the final results.  Now, time to get started on another one.

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