Outside Criticisms

You Do You

By Thomas Matthew Pierson    

                Today’s world is hyper critical of other people.  Social Media has spurred this criticism. Part of it has to do with the ease to remain afar, and anonymous with your comments.  It has let online bullying to occur by students, so-called “Friends”, and peers. That is something I worry about for my daughter, the probability of her being targeted by bullying in the future.  The ability to not have to say stuff to peoples faces has made us bolder with our words, and possibly weaker in return (a completely different issue, perhaps for another time)

                 I have a very relaxed view on criticism.  I think it has to do with me being an artist and always assaulted with rejection, that I am immune to it.  Well, to be honest it does sting a little bit, but I can’t wallow in my emotions for too long.  Thinking about your mistakes for too long is not productive.  That’s why I prescribe to just doing, these articles are a short testament to that.  I am not going to lie, my writing it not the most coherent, and I probably do more than enough run-on sentences (is this one?). But I am doing them in the hopes (fingers crossed) that I will improve.

                The video I have linked is a unique perspective on criticizing.  In my opinion it is incredibly easy being a critic, so many people do it.  Check out the Yahoo comments section on any article posted and there are thousands of comments.  They are often very critical, negative, and quite mean.  Check out a very popular YouTube channel, people love to drop negative comments on that platform.  Why?  Probably because it’s easy. 

                That kind of pass time feels like a black hole to me, you could get lost just reading everyone’s comments and thoughts.   At some point you must move on and be more productive.  It is time for ‘You to Do You” follow your passion, learn how to draw, pick up a new sport, start a YouTube channel.  In the environment we live in, especially the social media realm and our capacity to share our passions, many are afraid to share anything for worry that they will be criticized.  Think about this when that happens, you should not care what other people think of you, because that is a battle no one can win.  Do not let them have power over how you feel, only you can control how you feel.  Another point worth mentioning is you should hold little stock in people who have the free time to make negative comments on the internet.

                 It is easy to criticize; it is much harder to do.  This pertains to all aspects of life, want to start a business, do it, want to read more, do it, want to learn salsa dancing, do it.  I am giving you permission to ‘Do”.  Stop thinking about the wannabe negative Nancy’s out there and start being a positive Pete’.  If you are afraid for failure, don’t be, because it is inevitable.  You are going to fail, a ton, but guess what? That is where all the learning and growth is, if you tried and succeeded every time you would never know what you are doing wrong.  There is a stigma to failing, and I think we need to reprogram ourselves out of it. Start looking at failure as opportunity and a whole new world may open up for you.


YouTube Video Credit | scooby1961