Matt Pierson Artworks | Things that Interest Me| Video Games | 2/27/20

Hello True Art Believers!!!

One of my hobbies that I no longer have time to enjoy are video games.  I stumbled upon this guy on YouTube probably from my binge watching of GameSack.  It's fascinating watching other people play games, they don't even have to be good.  It brings me back to when I was a kid playing video games with a friend.   We would take turns playing the same game, watching the each other as we struggled to beat the level the you or your friend kept dying on.  The memories are quite nostalgic and warm, like the perfect Christmas with a fire blazing, hot chocolate, and beautiful snow flowing down from the sky.  Memories can be quite therapeutic. 

I hope you enjoy checking out this video.  I had fun watching it, and it brought back a time of happiness in my life that I sometimes wish I had right now.