Matt Pierson Artworks | Painting Update | Failed Abstract Paintings | 9-30-19

Hello True Art Believers!!!

The struggle is real and the journey ever changing.  Since my solo show journey is coming to an end,  I wanted to try my hand in abstract painting.  I had this idea of doing assembly line abstract pieces.  The concept was to break down each layer into a single color of paint.  Adding a new layer of paint after the previous one dries.  What I had intended on happening was the paint would dry by the time I finished the first layer and then I would proceed to apply my second color. 

What really happened was I painted the first layer and by the time I went to paint a second layer, the previous layer of paint was still drying.  This made the process incredibly messy and practically ruined the painting experiment. I also misjudged how much available space I would have to place my panels while I began to work on the next piece.  I learned a ton during this experience and have a better understanding of what to do from now on.  

I fully intend to continue this process after I drop off my work at the Schmidt Art Center.  I hope to immerse myself in abstract soon after the opening of my show BYOB: Bring Your Own Burgers.  I see it as a way to decompress and relax from all the troubles and exhaustion I accrued while preparing fo this show.  I need a break and part of that will be doing work where there is no expectation.  Abstract paintings will be a form of escapism. At least, that is my intention.


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