Matt Pierson Artworks | Painting Update | 9-4-19

Hello True Art Believers!!! 

Every day has its challenges, mountains and hurdles to navigate.  Personally, my challenge has been to work on the same painting day in and day out without fail.  I have had my fair share of struggles working on the same painting for the last six months, but it has been a very educational experience.  I learned specifically of what not to do when tackling a large painting such as this.  If I were to start this painting all over again I believe I could complete it in half the time.  Hindsight is 20/20 though, I can't change the past.  I just have to learn from my experiences, and this has been one heck of an experience.

As part of my painting journey, I have been trying my best to document my work through long format recordings and time lapse videos.  I actually livestream many of these recordings on Facebook and Twitter.  Sometimes they can be rather boring and dull; I tend to be silent and do not listen to music while I paint.  As time passes by, I have found music to distract me while painting.  This particular session I was rather chatty.

I guess I was trying to solve some problems in my life and talking things out help shed some clarity.  Oftentimes, laying out your thoughts and hearing them out-loud can help you think.  I will admit I sometimes talk more when I live-stream my painting sessions,  maybe subconsciously I realize that watching someone paint can be particularly boring.  Especially if the painting is not progressing as fast as the likes of Bob Ross.  In the near future (after my solo exhibition) I will be taking a break from the my current work and excited at the prospect of doing abstract pieces that I can finish in a day. 

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