Matt Pierson Artworks | Painting Update | 9/16/19

Hello True Art Believers!!!

(A little backstory, I actually had started this blog post, forgot to save, and lost all of it. sadsadsad‚Äč)

I have been going through a time scheduling renaissance.  Out of necessity I had to wake up at 4 AM just get my three hours of painting in for the day.  I set a goal for myself to paint everyday, with the goal of painting for three hours.  I would usually hit my goal mark, but lately I have been slacking off.  A few reasons for this have been I started teaching at a new college that has a very long commute so I have had to alter my daily schedule to compensate.  The overall wear and tear of having to get up at 4 AM has started to take its toll on me mentally and physically.  Things have been dividing my attention more than I have liked it to and so I had to split my time that would normally be studio time.  

It is time for a change, I need to take back my time and take charge.  This week is going to be a test run for flipping my studio time from 4AM in the morning to 8PM in the evening.  I need a change of pace and I am kind of excited to do this.  I am also a little afraid, I worry that It will mess with my sleep schedule.  In the past, painting at night wound me back up and spurred ideas all the way into the morning.  I am hoping that even though I am getting my painting in at night, my sleep schedule will not change.  I will still be getting up at 4 AM, but I will have a hard bedtime of 10PM to hit a six hour sleep schedule.  I tend to sleep better fully exhausted, so working straight until bedtime might be a good change of pace.  

The reason I am changing my schedule is because rushing to get three hours of painting done in the morning is stressful. Allocating time at the end of the day will relieve that stress, but also make it harder for me to waste my time in the evening, which I do more than I would like to admit.  Freeing up time in the morning will allow me to spend more time with my family, I was beginning to feel like I was ignoring everyone just to get my studio time in, and it was beginning to strain my relationships. Now I can focus on getting my exercise in, then casually get in some studio time before the day begins and not feel the burden of completing my daily paint goals.

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