Matt Pierson Artworks | Painting Update | 9-10-19

Hello True Art Believers!

I am going to keep this week’s blog post short and sweet.  Recently, I have been backing up many of my old time-lapse and art-studio videos onto YouTube. There are a few reasons for backing up these old videos, my hard drive space on my iPhone has become rather full due to the ever-growing photo library of my daughter and my daily live stream videos being saved on my iPhone;  I have come to the logical conclusion that I needed to back up my art videos onto YouTube.  It serves a two-fold purpose, I get to back up all my video documentation, remove excess videos on my iPhone, and I get to create content for my YouTube Channel.

Which is something I’ve been meaning to do, but I was worried about the quality of my content. As I keep adding more videos onto my channel, I have become less worried about the quality and thankful that I am able to get my work out there in whatever media possible.

Push Forward. Always.

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