Matt Pierson Artworks | Dog Portraits | 5-1-20

Hello True Art Believers!!!

Times are tough! Money has been tight.  Everything is closed down.  Things are going bonkers.  It is not easy being an artist in these strange times.  I have had to get creative with opening up myself to new art opportunities.

One of the things that I have been doing that has been massively successful, is offering $10 digital portraits.  It has been unexpectedly popular.  So much so that I am booked for the next month or two.  I cannot finish them fast enough. 

I hope in the future to offer this service on my website.  I am still figuring out the logistics, but for now, I am doing just fine with word of mouth. 

Contact me if you want to book yourself a portrait.

I have to go now, these portraits are not going to draw themselves 😊.

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