Matt Pierson Artworks | Artist Update | Treat Yo' Self | 3-13-20

Treat Yo’Self (or just binge-watching YouTube)

                Occasionally when I get a little lazy, I go on a YouTube video binge.  Usually on topics that I have been particularly interested in at that time.  One of the more recent escapades in YouTube tomfoolery has been watching old Nintendo game play-throughs.  It is when you watch someone play and beat an old game from start to finish. I guess I was feeling a bit of nostalgia watching games being played from my childhood.

                I often go on the video binges near the end of the day when I have a few more tasks I need to get done, but I just don’t feel like doing them.  Usually, by that time it has already been a full 14 hours non-stop work and I am beginning to run low on energy levels.  Basically my tank is on “E” and I just want to call it a day.  I like to at least be in an area where there is a possibility of doing something constructive so I usually watch YouTube on my computer.  Simply on the off chance that I might actually do something productive.  More often than not I do nothing, but sometimes I grab a hold of the metaphorical reigns and do one last small thing for the evening.

                One of the most recent YouTube binges involved watching a playthrough of Wolverine.  An incredibly bad Nintendo game from the days of yore.  It led me to an even more terrible game, The Uncanny X-Men, by the created by the same game company.  Now that game was so bad that it steered me towards watching a YouTuber, the angry video game nerd, who made a pretty hilarious video about how bad it was.  I even went further and found a few game emulators, that allowed you to actually play the game on the website.  Needless to say, I really only played for a few minutes because I kept dying.

                Even though I get down on myself when I spend my time on frivolous things such as this, I think it is good for my sanity.  When you are working as much as I am, it can begin to feel like the things I enjoy, like my art, can become laborsome.  I already have enough work in my life, I don’t need any more of it.  So I guess an escape into YouTube nostalgia is alright every once in a while. 


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