Matt Pierson Artworks | Artist Update | Swapping Schedules | 3-2-20

Swapping Schedules

                One of the things I have been struggling as of late has been getting down to the studio to paint.  It has been the hardest thing to do my solo exhibition.  I guess part of the drive was gone and part of me did not want to accept the reality that I could only paint early in the morning.  It took a few months for me to realize this and jump back on the metaphorical “painting” saddle. Now that I am “back in action” so to speak I am committed to painting again.  I am super pumped at the idea of going back to basics.


                I remember when I was younger I hated painted still-lifes. I just wanted to paint whatever I wanted to paint.  The reality of the matter was that I did not know what I wanted to paint.  I had this perception of what I should be painting.  It was a bit naïve of me to think I knew everything about what I liked and enjoyed doing, but I was young and dumb.   I am still dumb, just not so young anymore *sigh*. 

                Anyways I am excited to get back to basics and start painting still-lifes.  I haven’t started them yet, but I hope to begin one soon once I buy a few canvases.  I know buying premade canvases is frowned upon from the art elites, but I am short on time and money. The lack of those two key factors for constructing my own painting surfaces has put me in a pinch and when necessary I buy pre-made canvases to tide me over while I make new painting surfaces. 

                The only way I am able to paint is to get it done in the morning, for the past few months the morning has been relegated to weightlifting and exercise before work.  Although I do appreciate getting in my fitness goals before the average person wakes up, it can be very problematic when you want to be an artist.  At first I thought I could tack on my painting sessions in the evening, but every time I tried I just kept bumping it to the next day.  Pretty soon I did not even bother trying to paint in the evening.  I was just too tired and fatigued mentally.   

                So I am swapping my morning work outs with painting.  Already I feel much happier with myself and know that it was a best choice at this current time.  I do have some reservations about working out in the evening though.  I absolutely despise exercising after work.  I am sure I will be faced with the same predicament I had with painting.  Painting and exercise go hand and hand for me, it is my yin and yang.  I am constantly trying to balance between them.  Usually going heavier on one while ignoring the other.  It is tough harmonizing them in my life and a constant struggle.


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