It's Ma Birfdaye


By Thomas Matthew Pierson

            Another year has passed, and I hope to be a little bit wiser.  Big emphasis on hope, I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for everyone.  My Family, My Friends, My Wife, and Little Miss Adalee. When I began writing this it was my birthday, and it was pleasant.  My birthday may have been uneventful, but It was spent with someone I love. 

*coughs* *Jill* 

            She plans these small little gestures that shows how much she cares.  I must admit I was a little bummed out that I was not going to celebrate my birthday like I used to, at a bar with lots of liquor with family and friends.  But this all makes up for it.  There are times when I feel alone and insignificant.  Artist tend to trek a road by themselves, but it is nice knowing there are special people that are willing to walk with you.  I hope all of you find someone who can stand your imperfections and cherish you. 

            Be thankful for what you have and for who you spend time with.  Cherish those moments and don’t stain them by looking at your phone every five seconds. Try to be in the moment and breath it all in.  Technology is a distraction from what really matters, and that is people.  Write a note to your loved one, or in my case a really crude drawing.  Tell them thank you for even the simplest of things.  Do not take for granted your time with them.  I say this because in todays fast paced world, with ever increasing means of “connecting” via the web.  We have become ever more disconnected. 

            That is why I am thankful for my birthday, because it means I am still breathing which is definitely better than the latter.  I am thankful for having a roof over my head and food in my belly. I am thankful for being able to paint and draw every day. No matter how much it can often stress me out.  I am grateful for everything.  It is so easy to look at what you don’t have, that we forget about all the great things we do have.


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