I've been making grand mistakes on my Live-Streams.

Hello True Art Believers!

Let me tell ya,  I suck at live-stream drawing.  When I am not doing an entire live-stream on a blank screen (video above), I am either messing up my drawing in real time or probably being too personal with what I am feeling at that moment.  I have been finding it rather humbling knowing how deficient I am.   I am trying to learn exactly how live-streaming function in my day to day drawing activities.  Does it become sort of a video vlog showing my struggles and talking about my struggles.  Do people want to hear that?  I don't know the answers.  I find it more human when a person shows some of their flaws.  Perhaps though I come off as whiny. I am just tired, like half of America.  I guess I hope for the day when drawing goes back to being fun.



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