HEC Happening Now-HEC TV-Art Saint Louis Winter Exhibit at Angad Arts Hotel

Hello True Art Believers,

Recently I was interviewed by Ryan Fitzgerald for HEC TV.  The interview was done in conjunction with the opening of the Angad Arts Hotel "Winter Exhibition," Justin King and Chandler Branch were also interviewed.  I had a great time talking about my work with the questions posed by Ryan.  

I actually spoke for probably 15 minutes straight, or at least it felt like it.  I believe there was some really funny parts in the interview and I wonder if there will actually be a blooper reel. Ryan did a wonderful job editing the interview and probably got the most important piece of the discussion in the interview. I can tend to go on weird non sequitur rants, which eventually wraps back around to the subject at hand.  I talked so long I actually forgot what many of the original questions were.  

Check out the interview below

I know by now I sound like a broken record, but I would like to extend my thanks (again) to Chandler Branch, executive director of Art Saint Louis, Robin Hirsch-Steinhoff, artistic director of Art Saint Louis , Jessica Mannisi, independent curator, and Ryan Fitzgerald from HEC TV.  None of this would be possible without these amazing individuals.  Oftentimes we can be blinded by the opportunities given to us.  Since they are rare for me,  I am always very thankful for every opportunity.  Perhaps that is another topic for a future blog post.

Those that are interested for more information about Art Saint Louis, Jessica Mannisi  and HEC TV I have provided links below, plus the link to the interview, just in case you wanted to share it.





Thank you everyone for you time and support.