Fake Instagram Models

Fake Instagram Models

                By Thomas Matthew Pierson

     While doing my standard mindless browsing through the YouTube-verse I stumbled upon something that I was aware of in the back ground but not necessarily exposed to, Fake Instagram Models.  I have attached a video below that references this phenomenon.  I have always known that this was occurring in social media, but I had never known how rampant it was.  I find it interesting and intriguing to say the least.

     Much of my artwork has to deal with food, the human figure and its interesting relationship between cause and effect, so I am always fascinated with anything involving body image. When you browse through social media platforms, beauty reigns supreme.  I was baffled to see the lengths that individuals go to lie on social media platforms.  The video I watched even displayed Apps that were designed to accentuate the figure by increasing the size of one’s chest, slimming the waist, and adding a backside.

     It is all very fascinating because not only do these Instagrammer's deceive their followers, but I can suspect that they deceive themselves as well.  It is as if the social media realm is their reality and the physical reality is something in passing.  Their social media Avatars are more real to them than actual reality.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe they are doing it to gain followers and to reap a financial gain out of it all.  But I would be hard pushed to think that after seeing their altered selves on social media for so long, that they would not begin to believe that is their base reality. 

     I guess it can be kind of saddening that we create these Fake avatars on social media for economic gain, and social status.  It is funny to see that even when these Instagram influencer's have been caught altering their photos, that many vehemently fight against it, because it is not the base reality that matters, but the social media persona that they are trying to protect.   I can not say that I don’t disagree with them in that regard, because for some this has become their way of livelihood.  When push comes to shove, if your way of living is in danger, you will do anything to preserve it.


YouTube video credit : Barbara4u2c