By Thomas Matthew Pierson

                I am not going to lie.  I have been trying to write something on this topic for a while and the moment I had some time to work on it. I chose to go down the black hole that is YouTube.  Even I fall victim to the crazy addictive algorithms that social media platforms are doing their best to facilitate.  I believe this will be a quick writing, I mainly wanted this brief article to act as a supplement to the video I found pertaining to choices and how, through time can yield significant gains.

    YouTube Video Credit  |    Project Better Self

               Gains can mean many things for different individuals. It could be losing those ten pounds that has been bothering you over the years.  It could be learning how to play an instrument.  It could be seeking that job skill or promotion that you have been putting off. 

                The choices you make are a reflection of you and your future self.  I know it all sounds cliché, but the truth is there whether you want to accept it or not.  All these writings are a choice.  I want to be a better writer.  So, what can I do to improve my writing?  Thinking about it will only get me so far.  Action is better than inaction.  I chose to take action and write because I choose to grow as an individual.  It is no picnic spending your evenings writing blog post, brain storming for ideas and looking for content to reference.  I can at least say that through my personal sacrifice of skipping out on the latest Game of Thrones episode (it’s totally Hot right now) that I will at least have written down some thoughts.  

                It is not easy putting your thoughts out there for people to judge.  I choose to do it, just like I choose to get up at 4 AM to work on my paintings.  You seek growth, it does not happen in a vacuum.  That is why everyone should think about their choices more thoroughly and gauge whether it is within their best interests, think about 10 years from now, how many articles, how many drawings, how much you’ve improved at the guitar, etcetera, and think about how much more valuable that is than clocking out after your shift and sacrificing your time on the couch.

                I don’t talk about this lightly, after spending 6 months on a painting that I could only afford to paint one to two hours a day, I acquired insight on how precious time is.  So, I must appeal to you, go out and choose what is truly best for you.  In the long run you will be better for it and maybe you will thank me someday.