Bombing Hard on Livestreams

Hello True Art Believers!!!

Well I can't say I am not surprised.  On the weekend I decided I would take stab at doing a little live-streaming where I actually draw this time.  It was a grave mistake. I was vastly unprepared for it.  I for one tried using photoshop and oh my gosh I did not know what I doing.  I was hitting hot keys that did things I did not know how to get out of and anxiety followed because it was all being documented online.  I am a little embarrassed.  I went about my drawing in a way that set me up for failure.  I thought I could just improvise my way through, but man, was I smacked in the face.

I had been practicing with Photoshop on the side and wanted to make the transition into drawing specifically through that program, but I was not prepared. Until recently I have been doing all of my drawings using Sketchbook Pro and I have had pretty good success with it.  Unfortunately it did not translate well to Photoshop, for one the interface was complete different and I was trying to use Hot Keys, which are specific keys on your keyboard that you press to basically create shortcuts so that you draw faster. But that did not work out, I kept hitting the wrong keys, and it would put me on a feature on Photoshop that I had no idea how to get back to my original settings. 

Don't even get me started with the actual drawing portion, I am out of drawing shape.  I have been drawing a certain way for so long that I need to reconnect to my imaginative side and I paid dearly for it while live-streaming.  Near the end I managed to salvage something, but it is a poor excuse for what I am normally capable of. 

I hope to get some sort of redemption on my next live-stream.  It is a learning process and I hope to improve everyday.



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