Being Consistent in Content Creation

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Being Consistent in Content Creation

By Thomas Matthew Pierson

            If I were to be honest, I am not an expert on the topic of content creation.  Even though I try my best to maintain a consistent social media presence. Content creation is key for survival in todays world of marketing.  It has the ability to be incredibly powerful and is quite possibly the cheapest way of promotion.  You do not need a marketing and promotion firm or department, all you need is a smartphone, some free social apps, and some time.          

            That is not to say that it is easy.  It is incredibly time consuming and laborious.  There are times where it seems wasteful and time could be spent doing other more productive things.  Think of it as a wishing well that you through pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in.  The only difference is instead of change being thrown into the well, it is blog post, photos, videos, and comments.  Every post fills that well up closer to the top and eventually some form of content you created gets traction.  For some the water is lower, for others the water is higher, you can not know for sure where you stand.  

            The number of Followers you have is not necessarily a measure of the quality of your content.  You could have a ton of followers, but that all can be fabricated.  There are literally businesses that you can pay to have fake bot accounts follow and like your social content.  I hold little stock in measuring the amount of followers you have, versus quality followers.  But do not let the amount of people that follow your social platforms keep you from making content.  The goal is to just make content and keep throwing your pennies into that well.  Eventually you will reach a breaking point.

            Another thing that you should not worry about is the quality of your content.  In order to improve your content, you need to practice making content.  The act of making social media content will develop your ability to make better content in the future.  I liken it to working out, and how you must get your repetitions in.  The repetitions symbolize practice, and for each rep, you get improvement.  You are looking for quantity over quality.  In time your quality will improve alongside your quantity, thanks to all your added practice.

            Gary Vaynerchuk is a great role model for content creation.  A few of the things he talks about is the $1.80 strategy, where you comment on 90 social media posts from 90 different accounts, thus putting in your two cents.  He also speaks about using long format video to create shorter contextually related content for various social media platforms.  Gary so strongly believes in the power of content that he is adamant that everyone should be posting 100 pieces of content a day.  Now for many, that is nigh impossible to do without help.

            When developing your social media presence, you do not need to rush.  Try posting one to two items a day.  Then slowly increase the load to a level that you feel is bearable.  The object is to continue a steady social media presence without straining your ability to maintain consistency.  Post steady, post daily, post often, and most importantly, have fun.


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