Artist Interview Series: Sarah Megan Jenkins

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Yesterday I had an incredibly fun discussion with Sarah Jenkins.  It was great to hear her art journey at to get to know more about her life.  I was surprised to hear that at any given moment she has up to 50 paintings that are either incomplete or set aside while she works on other pieces.  It is quite impressive to have so much work in progress. Not many artist can claim to be working on 50 paintings at any given moment. Heck many can barely claim to be working on one painting wink

It was nice hearing about Sarah's initiative to grow up to 70%-80% of all the food that her family will consume.  I think we all could stand to be more self-sufficient.  It would hurt to have a few chickens around so that I could have a steady stream of eggs for breakfast.  Sarah has on average 4 eggs a day, provided by her chickens alone.  I don't think many people have 4 eggs a week, let alone, 4 a day.  Americans love their cereal. 

It was great hearing about some of her experiences selling paintings in New Orleans and learning more about her painting practices. 

Check out the interview on YouTube


YouTube | Artist Interview Series | Sarah Megan Jenkins

The interview is also available as a Podcast

Pierson's Podcast | 35. Artist Interview Series | Sarah Megan Jenkins

You can find more information about Sarah's artwork on here website and through social media | Links Below


Instagram - SarahMeganArt 

Facebook - Sarah Megan Jenkins Art

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