Artist Interview Series: Katherine Blackwell

Hello True Art Believers,

I just got done speaking with Katherine Blackwell and I learned a lot.  Did you know that surgeons have to write the words left and right on severed legs, hands and arms just in case they get attached on the wrong limb?  I did not, and it was quite surprising.  It makes sense though, but it makes you wonder exactly how many times has a doctor attached a left hand on the right arm or vice versa.  As I suspected, being an ICU Nurse probably means you consume a massive amount of coffee and Katherine pointed that out.  Not surprisingly Katherine couldn't talk about odd cases that had happened while on her shift.  But I did try to get some juicy details,  alas, All I could get was that there is a Starbucks inside the hospital where she works at and that it closes at 10 AM on the weekends wink

Glitter is Boss in Katherine's world and apparently she owns a whole store full.  I guess it comes with the territory of being a mother to two children.  Katherine showed incredible perseverance in her challenges of working full time, being a parent, and going to college full time to get her degree.  I can only imagine the many sleepless nights and copious amounts of coffee that was consumed.  If you get the impression that we talked about coffee a lot you would be correct in that assumption as well. 

I had a great time getting to know Katherine and wish her well in her art career. 

If you want to watch the conversation you can view the videos below. 



Here are the links to the videos if you  would like to watch them on YouTube.

Artist Interview: Katherine Blackwell pt 1

Artist Interview: Katherine Blackwell pt 2

If you are on the go, the interview is also available on my podcast

Pierson's Podcast: Katherine Blackwell


If you are interested in Katherine's work you may find it at

New Website
Facebook: @shadowworkportraits
Instagram @katie.ghant

Thank you again and I wish  you all a wonderful day.



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