Artist Interview Series: Jason Bly

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Recently I had a conversation with Jason Bly a fine art painter based in Texas.  We talked via Live-stream on my weekly Artist Interview Series. Since the beginning of September I have been hosting live-stream conversations with artists across the country.  Jason is just one of many artist that I have had long format conversations with.  The funny thing is, Jason wasn't scheduled for that weeks artist interview.  I had been in talks with him a couple weeks prior to see what his availability was like for the next coming month. 

While I was scheduling him months in the future, I had a cancellation and I needed another artist.  Jason stepped up and volunteered.  I sure was happy that he did.  It was a very informative conversation. 

Jason is an expert in various painting techniques, so it was great to hear him impart some of his knowledge.  I was surprised to learn about the way he prepares his painting surface.  The techniques uses a razor blade to essentially spackle over any microscopic cracks on his wood surface.  Basically making what he paints on super smooth. Spackling with a razor blade and making gradients using a printmaking brayer were something I was unfamiliar with.  Maybe sometime in the future I might use those techniques for some of my work, but then again, perhaps I should leave that to Jason.

If you want to see more of Jason's work you can visit his website or check out his instagram page

Check out the full interview below

Artist Interview Series | Jason Bly

The episode is also available on Podcast

Pierson's Podcast | 38. Artist Interview Series | Jason Bly

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