Artist Interview Series | Jasmine Raskas | Matt Pierson Art

Jasmine is a self taught artist with a background in science. Her art explores the emergent patterns found in natural growth, form, and collective systems. With elements of archetypal myth and a dash of futurism, her work seeks to create a language that crosses all barriers of time, space, and culture.
Outside the studio, she works as the Lead Art Facilitator at the inclusive nonprofit studio Artists First and as a professional coach working with groups and individuals to use the power of art and imagination for personal growth.
Unus Mundus
Latin for "one world", Carl Jung's concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges from and returns to one.
"Archives for Aliens" Coming to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play March 1st 2021 A podcast recorded for future life on earth. Consciousness. Creativity. The Nature of Reality. Cool people making things. Life outside the box. Philosophy. Awakening. Leaving your signature mark. What makes you tick?