Artist Interview Series: Charo

Hello True Art Believers!!!

I just got done having a great conversation with Charo and I am exhausted.  The discussion was over two hours long.  It was great getting to know more about Charo's experiences as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, her grandmas cheesecake, and her love for video games.  I learned a lot about Charo's business practices as an artist and discovered the utility of having a functioning Patreon page.  That is something that I honestly need to revisit because I have a Patreon page but have not even begun to set it all up. 

It was nice to learn about the strong bonds and community formed within the gaming world.  I learned about a whole new world where creatives, artist, and writers communicate with each other. Even revisited and talked about an old relic of an artist platform "DeviantArt".  I am not too surprised it has not lived up to its fullest potential, artist's can be straight up jerks.  Plus the platform still never updated their uploading process, which by today's standards is kind of a joke.

Perhaps in the future I will have Charo on again for another round of art talk, or just talk about life and the innate daily struggles it provides.

You can view the interview below

Here is the YouTube Link

You can also listen to the podcast version of it HERE

Well, I must be going. I am very sleepy.