Matt Pierson Artworks | Art Tutorial | Cross-Contour Line Drawing

Hello Art Believers!!!

In today's art tutorial we are going to discuss cross-contour line drawing.  Think of contour lines as the grain of the wood, and you drawing lines as the sandpaper.  If you have ever done any type of woodwork you know that you are not supposed to sand against the grain.  In cross-contour line drawing, you go against the grain.

You want to imagine what the lines look like drawn on top of those objects.  What would it look like? How would that line move?  These are critical thinking questions that you need to consider when you doing a cross-contour line drawing.

In a cross-contour line drawing, you will find that using line quality is very helpful.  It will help give your objects a sense of depth. 

Cross-Contour line drawings will help you describe the form of your object, and give you a better understanding of the structure of the object.

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